Aspen Ideas: Billy Collins

Until I came across this podcast (the podcast is the "Humor in American Writing"), I had never heard the work of former US poet laureate Billy Collins. Now, I am better for having been exposed to it. Interviewed by Kurt Andersen, Collins provides numerous entertaining and humorous anecdotes, including a priceless exchange about the creation of his poem "A Paradelle for Susan" and the ensuing reaction to the poem (the Paradelle is a form invented by Collins that he passed off as a classic form). Here is a nice link explaining the form with some sample Paradelles inspired by Collins.

Other highlights include Collins' description of his father, his reading of his poems (including a biting previously unpublishing poem about names of Condo developments) and poems of peers, and his disparagement of the more aloof forms of modern poetry and literature.

Brains: 8
Bods: 8

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