The Return of Battlestar

First off, this is less a review than a theory. Here is the verdict:

Brains: 7
Bods: 6

It was more of a table-setter episode, but still enjoyable. I think maybe the biggest questions in the episode are what was the purpose of the cylon attack and withdrawal as well as what occurred during the scanning of Anders by the raider. One theory I have not yet seen put forward is that the cylon fleet was not associated with the Seven cylons, but was sent by the final Five. A precedent for a separate cylon faction has already been set by Razor.

For one, the final five seemed to have a connection to the nebula and were able to communicate with the four on Galactica via the Bob Dylan. Second, obviously, the mission of the fleet was to communicate with one of the four after they had become aware of their status as cylons. The cylons pulled out immediately after scanning Anders. It must have been to activate further programming. Third, the cylon fleet's appearance coincided with Starbuck's reappearance. Obviously, cylons had a part in her return, but not the original seven. Fourth, the final five have been communicating via dream with Roslin, Six, etc.

The final five have a plan for the human race, in opposition to the Seven. I think their intent is to help.

The one major weakness in this theory is the warning from Razor regarding Starbuck. If the warning is correct, Starbuck is not there to help. Maybe, she was planted by the Seven and the Five intervened with the attack as a counter? I'm not sure, but this is the only way I see to read the first episode of this season so far.

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